The team of teachers who make this possible.

We work with a team of qualified teachers who specialise in the challenges we face in the modern Muslim world. Browse our teacher directory to learn more about the experts who make our community possible.

Teachers Directory

Carl Herman

Industrial Psychologist

Carl Herman is an Industrial Psychologist and EMBA candidate at the UCT Graduate School of Business. He is a member of several committees in the Psychology discipline, is a partner and Head of Assessments at YouStudent, and has been trained in several assessment tools, techniques, and methodologies. Carl consults privately across a range of Organisational Development and HR Interventions.

Dr. Ebrahim Sader

Mental Health Advocate

Dr. Ebrahim Sader is an advocate for mental health and fights to destigmatize the taboo surrounding it. He successfully integrated his medical expertise with traditional Islamic psychotherapy as a holistic approach to helping his patients on their journey to healing. Dr. Ebrahim Sader is in Mental Wellness practice at Tibb al-nafs, and a scholar in the traditional sciences of Islam.

Dr. Feroza Arbee


Dr. Feroza Arbee is a Psychiatrist and runs a private practice. Her interest in women’s mental health started from childhood and she is fascinated by cultural influences on the presentation of mental illness, treatment and social perceptions. Dr. Feroza advocates social awareness and destigmatisation of mental illness, especially in the Indian Muslim community.

Dr. Hisham Hellyer

Scholar and Author

Shaykh Dr. Hisham Hellyer was educated at Sheffield and Warwick Universities to post-doctoral levels in law and the social sciences, and studied the Islamic intellectual tradition with traditional ‘ulama across the world. He serves as a Fellow of Cambridge University’s Centre for Islamic Studies.

Dr. Nahla

Psychiatry Resident

Dr. Nahla is a Psychiatry Resident and mental health advocate. She is passionate about health equity and cultural safety, and advocates for victims and survivors of abuse while sharing practical ways to heal from trauma. Dr Nahla aims to provide tools that help minority communities feel seen, supported, and represented within the field of mental health.

Dr. Rania Awaad


Dr. Rania Awaad is a Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the Stanford University School of Medicine. She occupies various prestigious positions in the mental health field, including Director of the Stanford Muslim Mental Health & Islamic Psychology Lab, Executive Director of, Senior Fellow at Yaqeen Institute and ISPU, and serves as the Director of The Rahmah Foundation.

Edris Khamissa

Educationist, Trainer and Motivational Speaker

Edris Khamissa is a trained coach with experience in conducting motivational and training programs for business corporations. However, his current focus is on helping married couples. Edris offers practical solutions that blend Islamic values and modern techniques to tackle present-day challenges and demands that couples face.

Harry Fear

Independent Journalist and Filmmaker

Harry Fear worked as a freelance correspondent and independent filmmaker and is known for reporting on the European migrant crisis and hard-hitting coverage inside the Gaza Strip. His independent coverage of the 2012 Israel–Gaza conflict, pioneering the use of wartime video streaming, was nominated for a Next Century Foundation International Media Award. Harry is a public speaker across 5 continents.

Imraan Choonara

National Director of Africa Muslims Agency

Imraan Choonara graduated as a Dental Technician and moved into business before joining the Africa Muslims Agency. He is a motivational speaker for human development and training across 3 continents, and is a member of Network TwentyOne International, a prestigious training and support organisation. Imraan’s life is built on personal excellence, life-long learning, leadership, and a passion to serve people.

Mariam Salie⁣⁣

Clinical Psychologist

Mariam Salie is a Clinical Psychologist and PhD candidate, focusing on Muslim mental health. She has been a Psychology lecturer at Stellenbosch University since 2018. Mariam is registered with the Health Professionals Council of South Africa (HPCSA) and is in part-time private practice.

Moulana Yazeed Mohamed


Moulana Yazeed Mohamed is the Assistant Imam at Taronga Road Masjid in Cape Town. He is a hafith, and a graduate of Darun Na’im and Dar al-Ulum al-Arabiyyah al-Islamiyyah (DUAI) in Strand. Molana Yazeed is passionate about the Quran and its timeless message. 

Nabeela Gangat

Educational Psychologist

Nabeela Gangat is an Educational Psychologist with a special interest in children’s mental health. She believes in addressing emotional issues early to prevent children from carrying them into adulthood and developing mental health concerns. Nabeela aims to destigmatise mental illness and seeking mental health services in Muslim communities.

Najwa Awad


Najwa Awad is a psychotherapist, perinatal mental health specialist and organisational mental health consultant who helps Muslims heal, grow and thrive after adversity. She has been counselling for over 15 years at her practice, Amanah Family Counseling. Najwa is dedicated to destigmatising and addressing mental illness and promoting psychological health from an Islamic perspective.

Nazeema Ahmed

Clinical Psychologist

Nazeema Ahmed is a Clinical Psychologist who works at the University of Cape Town. She is a certified Integral Coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), an accredited and certified Enneagram practitioner. Nazeema has been in practice for 23 years.

Nazeer Majiet


Nazeer Majiet is a Hafidh and seeker of Islamic knowledge. He studied at Dār Al Ulūm Al Arabiyyah Al Islāmiyyah, Dar Al Qur’ān, Al Tanzil, Dar al Na’īm, Ma’had al Lugha al Arabiyyah and Al-Azhar University, and studied privately with various mashayikh to learn tajwid, qira’at, Shafi’i fiqh and the Arabic sciences. His strong passion to share knowledge makes him an invaluable teacher.

Rafiq Lockhat

Clinical Psychologist

Rafiq Lockhat is a Clinical Psychologist with 30+ years experience in mental health facilities across South Africa. He was a senior lecturer, consultant, contributor to textbooks and journals, and had his own radio segment on Heart 104.9 FM. Rafiq is the cofounder, and Director of Operations at Summit Clinic in Cape Town. He is also the founder and CEO of BrainWorking Recursive Therapy South Africa (BWRTSA) and trained more than 2500 psychologists nationally and in Norway. Rafiq is eager to promote and destigmatise mental health in South Africa.

Razia Hamidi ⁣

Spiritual and Relationship Coach

Razia Hamidi is a Spiritual and Relationship Coach, Director of Program Development at DiscoverU, and a consultant for NPOs. She supports women on their path to success through Islamic teachings. As the first female Muslim Chaplain in Quebec, she has supported many people through her unique spiritual coaching. Razia believes that by strengthening the individual first, society as a whole can grow stronger.

Salaamah Solomon


Salaamah Solomon is a Dietician who is pursuing her Masters in Public Health Nutrition, with a special interest in diabetes in the month of Ramadan. Her experience includes the dietary management of various medical conditions in adults. Salaamah practises as a Clinical Dietitian at a government hospital.

Sameera Qureshi

Sexual Health Specialist

Sameera Qureshi is an occupational therapist and sexual health educator. She worked within Muslim communities in Canada and USA for 12 years, specialising in mental and sexual health education. Sameera’s goal is to create comprehensive sexual health education for Mulsims, grounded in the revival of traditional teachings about the soul.

Shaykh Abdurragmaan Khan


Shaykh Abdurragmaan Khan is a Hafidh, Imam of Masjid al-Rahmah and member of the MJC Fatwa Committee. He established Dar al-Turath al-Islami and co-founded the Mahabbah Foundation. Shaykh Abdurragmaan Khan has a deep expertise in a wide selection of foundational islamic subjects, such as Hajj, Umrah, and Salah.

Shaykh Ahmed El Azhary

Islamic Mental Health Course Instructor

Shaykh Ahmed El Azhary is a researcher and teaches Hadith, Usūl, Logic and Kalam under the supervision of Habib Ali al-Jifrī. He studied Anthropology at The American University in Cairo and trained in Leadership Communication at Tulane University and The University of Alabama. Shaykh Ahmed attained almost 50 certificates in multiple domains and uses this knowledge to create hyper-relevant Islamic mental health courses.

Shaykh Irshaad Sedick


Shaykh Irshaad is the Khatib of Masjid Ar-Rashideen and teaches full-time at SeekersGuidance. He graduated from Dar al-Ulum al-Arabiyyah al-Islamiyyah and received Ijaza from many luminaries, including Mufti Taha Karaan, Mawlana Yusuf Karaan, Mawlana Abdul Hafeez Makki, Shaykh Muhammad ‘Awwama and Shaykh Muhammad Hasan Hitu. He completed his Master’s in the Study of Islam from the University of Johannesburg, authored ‘The Musnad of Ahmad ibn Hanbal: A Hujjah or not?’ and served as the Director of the Discover Islam Centre and Al Jeem Foundation. Shaykh Irshaad is building an Islamic online learning platform called Isnad Academy.

Suveyda İmdat

Turkish Teacher

Suveyda İmdat is experienced in teaching two languages; English as a second language, and Turkish. She is a prospective Clinical Psychologist and has practised as a counsellor, and behavioural and occupational therapist. Suveyda’s commitment to mental health combined with her love for language makes her an empathetic and approachable teacher.

Wasfeeya Altalib

Program Manager

Ustadha Wasfeeya Altalib is an online Qur’an Coach, Hifdh mentor and a psychology and counselling graduate. She is also a Hifdha who studied Islamic sciences, including a Qur’an translation course and has obtained sanad and ijāzah. Ustadha Wasfeeya manages Muslims Connected’s offering of 1:1 Quran lessons, oversees the mental health division and facilitates its webinars.

Yaseen Solomon

Arabic Teacher

Yaseen Solomon is an experienced Qur’an, Arabic, Islamic Studies and Geography teacher. He studied advanced Arabic grammar, Fiqh, and Qur’anic studies at Al-Azhar University, with multiple accolades throughout South Africa and Egypt. Yaseen’s love and understanding of Arabic translates into engaging lessons for students of all ages.

Zaahida Mahomedy ⁣

Emotional Wellness Coach

Zaahida Mahomedy is the founder of Live Inspired Academy. As an Emotional Wellness Coach and Mentor, she offers practical solutions rooted in neuroscience and spirituality. Zaahida has since facilitated thousands of people through their journey to managing emotions, creating fulfilling relationships and tapping into their God-given potential and purpose.

Zohra Sooliman

Counselling Psychologist

Zohra Sooliman is a Counselling Psychologist, and is the Cofounder of Gift of the Givers Foundation (GOTG) and Director of the GOTG Careline Counseling Services. The counselling service is in its 27th year supporting individuals, couples, families and the community, including children. Zohra focuses on general counselling, career counselling, community, and positive and spiritual psychology. She works collaboratively with organisations that advocate for and advance issues concerning women and children.

Zorina Noordien

Clinical Psychologist

Zorina Noordien is a Clinical Psychologist who is pursuing her PhD in child and adolescent mental health from the University of Cape Town. She lectures Psychology (Undergraduate) and Clinical Psychology (Masters) at the University of Western Cape. Zorina’s experience includes working in a psychiatric facility for children and adolescents.