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Parenting: Raising Leaders


21 Nov 2023


12 Dec 2023


8:00 PM


9:00 PM


4 Weeks
Every Tuesday





Course Outline:

The challenges of bringing up children with Islamic values in this modern, fast-paced world has reached new heights. This 4-week course explores the finer details of contemporary parenting, drawing from Islamic teachings and practical insights that help parents raise their children with Islamic principles who will lead the way forward for future generations.
•Challenges of raising children with Islamic principles in the modern day
•Practical insights to guide parents through these challenges
•Holistic approach to parenting: Combining Islamic and psychological and sociological perspectives

Course Facilitator:

Shaykh Irshaad Sedick

Shaykh Irshaad is the Khatib of Masjid Ar-Rashideen and teaches full-time at SeekersGuidance. He graduated from Dar al-Ulum al-Arabiyyah al-Islamiyyah and received Ijaza from many luminaries, including Mufti Taha Karaan, Mawlana Yusuf Karaan, Mawlana Abdul Hafeez Makki, Shaykh Muhammad ‘Awwama and Shaykh Muhammad Hasan Hitu. He completed his Master’s in the Study of Islam from the University of Johannesburg, authored ‘The Musnad of Ahmad ibn Hanbal: A Hujjah or not?’ and served as the Director of the Discover Islam Centre and Al Jeem Foundation. Shaykh Irshaad is building an Islamic online learning platform called Isnad Academy.

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Parenting: Raising Leaders

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