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Raising Children who Experienced Trauma


26 Nov 2023


8:00 PM


9:00 PM






Event Outline:

Kids who’ve been through traumatic events and experiences need a little extra care and understanding from their parents, caregivers and grownups around them. Clinical Psychologist, Zorina Noordien, unpacks what trauma is, discusses its effects on children and provides guidance on how to support kids on their journey to healing.

•What is trauma?⁣
•How trauma affects child development and behaviour⁣
•Different ways that children respond to trauma ⁣
•Methods and tips to help your child heal ⁣

Event Speaker:

Zorina Noordien (Clinical Psychologist)

Zorina Noordien is a Clinical Psychologist who is pursuing her PhD in child and adolescent mental health from the University of Cape Town. She lectures Psychology (Undergraduate) and Clinical Psychology (Masters) at the University of Western Cape. Zorina’s experience includes working in a psychiatric facility for children and adolescents

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Raising Children who Experienced Trauma

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